The 11th Scientific Conference of the Hellenic Academy of Optometry on the subject “Fundoscopy – Everything the Optometrist-Optician must know.” was held on April 22 at the Golden Age of Athens Hotel. There were many opticians-optometrists, students and professors from Athens and Aigion departments of Optics & Optometry as well as ophthalmologists.

Speakers developed topics related to the fundus physiological image, the various retinal diseases, diabetic retinopathy, retinal tears and detachments, optic nerve and macular diseases, the effect of smoking on vision, and finally the contemporary imaging tools for fundus pathology .

At the end of the conference, a clinical workshop on direct and indirect fundoscopy was organized. Ophthalmoscopes of several companies were used, several slit lamps using Volk lenses and an indirect head ophthalmoscope. Opticians-optometrists and optometrists had the opportunity to work together with the guidance of experienced supervisors to learn more about the various techniques of ophthalmoscopy, anatomy and fundus diseases.

Four of the speeches as well as the clinical tutorial were approved by the British General Optical Council for a total of 5 interactive CET points.

The Hellenic Academy of Optometry aims to continuously improve the benefits offered to its members and believes in the correct and continuous scientific briefing of the Greek Optician – Optometrist.