The Hellenic Academy of Optometry (HAO) is the scientific association of Greek Optometrists. The primary objectives of the HAO are the development of Optometric science, the representation of optometrists, the cultivation of continuing education and clinical excellence. The above objectives can be pursued in any legal way. Indicatively, the following are listed:
+ Organising workshops for the provision of high-level services.
+ Informing the members of the public on vision issues.
+ Adoption and promotion of clinical protocols.
+ Adoption and promotion of professional ethics.
+ Publishing and translations of scientific writings.
+ Creating a specialised library.
+ Collaboration with public bodies and healthcare providers to prevent, preserve and improve public health.
+ Representation of optometrists and cooperation with the Greek state, European bodies and any other organization, legislature or professional organizations on matters relating to the profession of Optometry.
+ Creating a spirit of social responsibility based on scientific ethics, democratic ideology, freedom and mutual respect.
+ Advisory role and assistance to optometrists regarding their rights and obligations.
+ The moral and material support, support and support of Optometrists.
+ Participation in events of other institutions.
+ Providing ophthalmic care to sensitive social groups.
+ The introduction of proactive incentives through the award of prizes, praises and honors.